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To tell someone that you love them is easy, but to show them how is not that simple. It requires a lot of work and commitment. In most beginning relationships, the couples work hard to impress one another. For instance on the Valentine’s Day, they give each other flowers, candies and cards. Sometimes this becomes a norm which only happens on this special day. What about the rest of the year? I don’t mean you need to send flowers or candies, but what I mean is love - the understanding and caring for one another. Without it, the relationship is bound to perish.

Love is a complicated subject. To love someone, you don’t just pick and choose what part to love, but you need to love everything about them, especially when they have children before you met them. To separate them is like you separate yourself from them. Blood is always thicker than water. No one is perfect. To love someone, you also love their imperfections. Love starts with physical attraction, but it lasts with emotional connection.

I wish you a happy Valentine’s Day! If you have not got one, I wish you will soon find someone who will love you, care for you, understand you and want to be with you in good and bad times always! ♥️

Valentine’s Day 2023


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