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What makes me happy is sharing the tasty food I make with my loved ones and friends. What makes me happy is not winning the last argument, but to come up with the solution that satisfy both parties. What makes me happy is sharing little what I have to those who have none.

Being a simple person all my life, I have never cared too much for the material world. What I care and wish to have is getting along with others around me. What I would love is enjoying the beauty of nature in peace. For over thirty years of driving in America, I have never got upset at any driver. When I get into my car, I choose to listen to lovely music. Sometimes I just like to listen to instrumental music to calm my mind. With traffics or no traffics, I enjoy the road - the beauty surrounding it. Green. I love seeing palm trees, lots of greeneries.

Stress causes sickness. I don’t like getting sick, so I choose peace over winning an argument. Your body has the potential to heal itself when you constantly feed it with positivities. Drinking lots of water can also help.

For the remainder of my life, I pray for peace within myself and making peace with others. I pray God to give my loved ones and friends peace, health and happiness as well. ♥️

March 23, 2023

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