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It’s 2:48 am. I’ve been awake for over an hour, but I couldn’t get back to sleep. Knowing myself, I have got to get out of what is on my mind, so I can easily go back to sleep. What’s on my mind? It’s you, my dearest son, Charlie! In 5-6 hours, you will be stepping on California State University of Pomona stage to receive your college degree! I am proud and happy for you, my one and only precious son! I wish you a beautiful new chapter ahead where love, happiness and success await you. May God continue to bless you in every step you take.

Raising you was an easy task! It was so pleasant that any parent would want to have more children like you! You have never asked for much from anyone. You are quiet, reserved and pleasant. You never created a fight or gave me any headache except for a few years in your middle school where you were getting bad grades one year after another. It was so bad that I refused to look at your report cards before bedtime because I didn’t want to get upset. You never told me that you couldn’t see in class due to your poor eyesight! As a result, you didn’t pass all classes in order to attend the graduation ceremony in middle school. Seeing how sad and hurt I was, one day you gave me a handwritten contract which required our both signatures. It said that you promised to graduate from high school and college. You promised to make me proud. I was moved, my child!

I am happy and thankful that you kept your promise! Thank you for making life easier for me! I felt deeply loved and affectionate for raising you. You did replace the love that I lost with my beloved baby brother. You mended my broken heart. I am forever indebted for that!

Dearest Charlie! I believe the future is bright for you. Walk with your head held high. You are truly blessed for having all the love and support to reach your career choice. Being a creative soul, you will be one of the greatest artists in the 21st century! Just remember to help your fellow men whenever you can. Success is not all about making tons of money, but it’s much more than that. Success is having good relationships with everyone you encounter. It is love and to be loved by many.

Much love from you dearest mom,

Crystal H. Vo

May 23, 2023

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