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Be careful for What You Wish For

Ninety percent of my Los Angeles County services in the last 19 plus years are working in the Medi-Cal program for the aged, blind, disabled and poor. A year ago, I was introduced to the life insurance industry for outside employment. When I signed up online to take the California State exam, I mistakenly also signed up for a health license exam. I was a bit surprised that half of the questions I was taking were not included in the study, but due to having knowledge of Medi-Cal, I passed both exams. For almost a year, my life license was not in good use as of yet. Last Christmas dinner with my Toastmaster members, by chance, I sat next to one of the members who mentioned working for the sick, poor, aged with the life license he has. Fortunately, I also got it! In the last month and a half, I have been working tirelessly to be certified with different producers! One of them is United Health Care, the largest producer in the nation who has over 12.5 million members. It took me several weeks to pass several exams to be become certified with them. Yesterday, I met one of their marketing producers for the first time. I learned that signing up Medicare Advantage Plans for my future customers would have saved them several thousand dollars from their pockets compared to their Original Medicare. There were times at work, my heart was literally bleeding for speaking to the sick and/ or elderly who couldn’t afford health insurance. They would have to be dirt-poor to receive full medical benefits which are called Medi-Medi (Medicare and Medical/Medicaid). Otherwise, they would have to pay for Part B which is $144 this year. It is $10 more from last year. They also have to pay 20% of the medical cost which is not covered by Medicare. Being older with a fix social security income, it gets harder for the senior citizens each year! I still remember one of my elderly customers told me one day that she didn’t have enough money to buy food that month because she had to pay for her health insurance. I felt so sad that evening! Another time, one customer told me between a roof over her head and medical cost, she chose the former. At that time, I silently prayed for them and wished I could do more to help them! There is a saying that be careful of what you wish for because it might happen. ❤️ I’m truly blessed for about to do what my heart has yearned for so long. My life is only complete when I can ease one person's pain at a time. I’m grateful for this opportunity. Thank You. 🙏💕 

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