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What is Success?

What is a success to you? Achieving financial freedom? Having a loving family? Traveling the world? Success, to me, is moving one step closer to where I want to go. Many have achieved their goals in their early twenties or thirties, while others are still working hard at them in their forties. I've learned to compare myself to no one. Given the circumstances I have been, I think I have done a great job thus far: I give generously, love unconditionally and live purposely. I may be very slow getting where I want to go, but who is timing? If I had another fifty years to live, I will get there one day. But if I had only a short period of time on earth, I would not die heartbroken because being able to do what I love each day is already a success to me. It does not always have to be about money or fame. It's about living a life you choose to live. It's about spreading the love no matter how big or little. ❤️ October 27, 2018 #success 

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