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Power Comes with Responsibilities

Last night I told my hubby that I’ll be taking a week off next week to work on my book. He was excited and invited me to travel with him to Arizona where he will be working. He wanted to take me to places after each day he’s done working. I told him I wish I could join him, but I agreed on taking over some roles at the Toastmaster meeting this coming Monday for some members who won’t be able to make it to the meeting. As a president of the club, my duty is to inspire, hold a business meeting and keep the club together. I’ll be a timer, a general evaluator and acting as a secretary for that night. They are all volunteering, but I’ll step up when my club needs me. Later last night, he asked me again and was sad that I won’t cancel the meeting. First, I’m a person of my words. When I promise someone something, I make sure to keep my words. My members asked me for help in advance, and I agreed. Second, being an official of a club or an organization means you agree on taking responsibilities. We took our oaths at the beginning of our term last month. For those two reasons alone, I’ll be coming to the meeting. I’ll make it up to him next time. ❤️ What would you do if you were me? 

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