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Pursuing My Passions

It’s 5:00 Sunday morning, and here I’m on laying on an exercise mat on my stomach with a headset on and a laptop open. Classical music gives me concentration on writing and the quietness of the morning is a plus. I have always been a morning person for I always go to bed early even on the weekends. I heard that it’s how you can maintain your youthful looks by sleeping early. I would love to stay as young looking as I can 😊. Nowadays, I no longer wish or dream to achieve my goals as a writer or professional speaker, but I will make it happen. 😊 Last night I went over my note I took a couple weeks ago while attending a Toastmaster official training in Pasadena, C.A. It states that in order for me to become a certified speaker, I need to attend the District Bureau Speaker meetings five times and then request to deliver a speech of 15-20 minutes, the topic of my choice. If the panel of judges voted me in, then I’ll hold a title as a certified speaker where I am qualified to make money delivering speeches. It will take about six months from today to happen. If I do nothing today, six months later, nothing will happen. In the meanwhile, I’m rewriting my book - Finding My Voice. By the summer of next year, I should be finishing up my second edition. I will send it to several big publishers. Success does not happen overnight, but it needs hard work, focus, commitment, perseverance, and patience. Sometimes I feel like throwing a towel, but I learn to pick myself up, pray for the strength and believe I can do anything as long as I have faith. 🙏❤️ p.s. I was told that the least minimum of a speech one can charge is $500/ hour. I just need to make a few speeches a month, then I’ll be all right 😊. Perhaps in the future, once I built my name, I can earn a bit more at each speaking engagement. Just googled and found out that our former President Bill Clinton earns $250,000 to $500,000 per one speaking engagement. OMG 😮 

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