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My 82 Years Young  Customer

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

I haven't spoken on the phone with my clients due to training in the last few weeks until yesterday. I enjoy talking to them. It’s the best feeling to have. I don’t feel it’s work because I love what I do. Each client is unique. But they all have one thing in common. They need my understanding, caring, professionalism and patience. I didn’t possess all of these qualifications until later on in my career. Like they said wine gets better with age so are most people. 😊 One of my clients gave me a lasting impression yesterday. He was an elderly man in his early 80s. He called regarding his Medi-Cal redetermination. He had a little hard time hearing as he asked me to speak louder and repeated a couple of times. I went over with him one question at a time until we completed the whole renewal packet. I mentioned to him about other services we offer for the elderly where we can assist him with everyday activities. He declined the offer but jotted the number down for future references. Toward the end of the call, he told me he worked all his life. Did what he should have done, but it’s not easy growing old with a fix social security income and relying on government for medical services. I understood him. What happens when he gets much older and no longer can return the Medi-Cal renewal packet? He wouldn’t be able to get free medical or prescription drugs due to lack of coverages. 😢 It’s wonderful that people are living longer today than decades ago. But it can be a problem if they are not aware of what the future holds. Remember, social security income is meant for supplemental income only. You cannot fully rely on it. Also, Medi-Care only covers 80% of medical and drugs. The rest are your responsibilities if your retirement income is over limit for Medi-Cal. My heart aches each time when I come across elders with lack of medical services. It’s when they need the most. Planning to live long, working hard and saving lots of money while you can is the smart move. You can’t rely on anyone to take care of you as you age, not even your spouse, your children or government. That’s exactly what I’m doing. I only need to work 5 and 1/2 years to get full medical services for life. As for income, I will continue doing what I love which are making professional speeches and writing inspirational and touching stories. I’m happy and truly blessed for understanding and preparing for the future. Being an independent person at a very young age, I have no plan to reply on anyone at all when I am older. I have learned that expectation only brings you disappointment. I have nothing as I look up, but when I look down, I still have a lot. I have my youth, health, career, family, and friends. Dealing with people who have little to nothing makes me humbled each day. Being kind, showing respect and understanding to the public who need my assistance is the least I can do to give back. ❤️ 

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