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She touched My Heart

Updated: Jan 4, 2023

While standing by the window after an emotional phone call, one of my coworkers came by and asked me what was wrong when she saw tears in my eyes. I told her I felt so bad hearing my elderl client crying for help, but I couldn’t do anything for her. My coworker comforted me and then went about her business. I just stood there, staring into an open space. It was my early phone call, but no one answered as I picked up the line. Instead, loud music was playing in the background. I waited and waited for a while until I heard a strong voice on the other line. “Hello! I waited for over one hour! I’m an agent calling from Kaiser Permanente for my client.” I asked to speak to the client, but she was dropped from the line. He then called and connected her to me. In contrast to this young and strong male voice, she sounded fragile and sweet. As I looked up her case, I soon realized she is very old, 92 to be exact. The conversation took more than thirty minutes. I told her she won’t be qualified for Medi-Cal without a share of cost which will discontinue her In-Home Support Services program. (It's a government funded program for the sick and elderly where workers come into their clients‘ house to assist them with basic need). Unless she is willing to spend almost $300 on dental or vision monthly premium to offset her share of cost. She cried in despair for not being able to afford extra insurance. She said she has no one. IHSS worker comes a few hours a day to help her with the most basic need. Without them, she will surely die in pain. My heart broke into pieces as I listened to her crying for help. ❤️ I’m passionate about what I do in financial service industry because I can educate people about their finances. How to prepare for situations like this one - living too long. #pfa #livingbenefits #finance 

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