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Kevin Knight

Kevin Knight’s true and inspiring story moved me to tears yesterday as I attended the District 100 Conference in Cerrito City College where they held speech contests. It wasn’t the first time I cried when I listened to his story. A few weeks ago, he delivered the same speech which I felt his pain of losing his sister, Karen who was murdered due to domestic violence! He was just a young boy who took the blame and guilt for not being there to protect her. As a result, he had a difficult time having healthy relationships. He pushed everyone away including his dear mother. Until one day, when he had no more strength to push anyone anymore. He started to let his mother in. What she said to him one night had a profound impact on him ever since. She said, “Kevin, you cannot let the pain of your sister Karen’s death negativity dictate what you see in this world. Don’t allow it to overshadow the love you both shared. Use pain to create passion and purpose. And that’s exactly what he’s doing. He’s an advocate for domestic violence victims. If it was up to me, I would vote for him as the first prize winner! His speech was perfect in every way and should be heard worldwide. I may be biased a little because I felt a strong connection with him due to a similar background. Like Kevin Knight, I have used my pain to become a passionate writer to promote peace, love, understanding, and forgiveness ❤️ 

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