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I am Blessed

What I am thankful for is my desire to learn new things all the time. Keeping my mind busy helps me from feeling sad or depressed for feeling unproductive. This evening, I spent a few hours learning about the real estate investment company that I’m about to take three days of my time to get to know about it. I watched videos and read quite a few negative comments. Will I still attend the training? Yes, I will since I have already paid a small fee. Will I pay a lot more money to get into the program? No, because it’s not something I can jump in full force at this time due to having a full-time career with the county. It does not hurt to learn something new every day. There are many skeptical people about everything. You can’t judge anything if you are not involved in it. Having an open mind and ears can get you far. Going to business to make money without concern for others is not my thing. I am interested in it, so I can make some extra money to help myself and others. Therefore, I would not tell anyone to get into anything against my conscience. I’m grateful for having an open mind and having a good heart ❤️ #journaling #thankful #imblessed

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