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April 30, 2018

Waking up at three o’clock this morning, the first images came to my mind were the Vietnamese tombstones at the Westminster Memorial Park where I paid tribute to the Vietnamese Boat People who died during the escape of the Vietnamese Communist Regime after the Fall of...

April 25, 2018

After throwing a successful baby shower for a good friend last week, I focus all my attention now on planning my book signing and interview on the television next month. I am happy and blessed to receiving support from my family, friends and the Vietnamese community. T...

April 15, 2018

Yesterday I went to see this movie, “I Can Only Imagine” with my hubby, Dennis. It was recommended by his coworker.

I cried most part of the movie because it reminded me of my childhood. After the movie, I told Dennis that my life is somewhat similar to the movie and i...

April 14, 2018

Yesterday my friend called me to order a book for his doctor friend. I told him I only have one book left (I plan to take it to a bookstore this weekend.) I asked him to wait for the next order.

Last week I just received a packet of 25 books, and now I’ll have to order...

April 11, 2018

There are financial bankruptcy and emotional bankruptcy. The latter is the worse. It drains your will to live and ability to function.

I have experienced both, but thank God I no longer feel emotionally bankrupt. Somedays difficult situations arrive, instead of reactin...

April 11, 2018

I had a difficult last customer which kept me on the phone over thirty minutes. He even asked for a supervisor, but I was able to take the call without getting help. Frankly speaking, I almost lost my cool. I

Dealing with the sick and poor every day is not an easy task...

April 9, 2018

What would you do when you see someone you love falling into a pit-hole? Would you do all you can to pick them up or walk away after trying your best to convince them not to fall in the first place?

Everyone is different. Some are more independent and strong-minded whi...

April 9, 2018

Orange County, California has the most Vietnamese outside of Vietnam. I have always loved coming here for the community events, but I was hesitated of taking the freeways to get there, more so in the last few years. I felt nervous driving on the speed limit. Not sure w...

April 6, 2018

I was born as a depressed child. The sky was always grey. As an adult, I change my life without the help of ”happy drugs”. Now the sky is always beautiful as I constantly meditate and say gratitude prayer each day. I may be a paycheck away from being homeless, but I o...

April 5, 2018

Toward the end of last year, for the first time in my life, I gave myself a permission to pursue my dream as a writer. I have cared for my family and always thought of making extra money for them before. I didn’t pursue my passion because I think I wouldn't be able to...

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