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January 24, 2018

Sometimes I go to emotional roller coaster rides at work. Someday I feel good for being able to provide my customers with my social services while other days I have no jurisdiction to do such deed. For instance, last week one of my customers called from an institution...

January 17, 2018

Having gratitude is not always something I possessed in the past, but I’ve learned to appreciate and acknowledge it in the last several years. My life has improved a little at a time. Although I am not yet where I want to be, I am still happy and thankful for everythin...

January 11, 2018

Why I Love My Job

I love my job because I can ease someone pain indirectly. All it takes is a heart, knowledge, and patience to get the job done, but the reward is priceless. Take today for example when my customer's niece said to me, "Thank you. You're my uncle's savio...

January 10, 2018


"That's a cute hat you have."
"Thank you. It's a Vietnamese conical leaf hat."
"I would love to wear it to New Orleans on my next vacation trip."
"Are you serious? I can buy it for you."
"Are you sure? I will give you money to buy it."
"It's just a few bucks. I'll ge...

January 9, 2018

It's raining hard this morning in Southern California. I wake up to the sound of thunder strikes. My heart skips a beat at the thought of many people are sleeping in the rain while I'm here under a comforter in my cozy bedroom. The idea of it kills me softly. Last year...

January 7, 2018

I recently found Faith, locked it in my heart and threw away the key in the ocean! There were times I didn't know what Faith was. Instead, my heart was full of doubts. The negative voices kept repeating the same tune, "Who are you kidding here? You are nobody!”


January 1, 2018

At 11:45 p.m. last night, I woke up to the sound of fireworks. They were loud and joyful. They signaled the new year approaching. Hurriedly, I put on a sweater and went out to the loft where my husband Dennis was sitting. I sat next to him, hand-in-hand waiting for the...

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