What is Success?

What is a success to you? Achieving financial freedom? Having a loving family? Traveling the world? Success, to me, is moving one step closer to where I want to go. Many have achieved their goals in their early twenties or thirties, while others are still working hard at them in their forties. I've learned to compare myself to no one. Given the circumstances I have been, I think I have done a great job thus far: I give generously, love unconditionally and live purposely. I may be very slow getting where I want to go, but who is timing? If I had another fifty years to live, I will get there one day. But if I had only a short period of time on earth, I would not die heartbroken because bein

A Prayer for a Friend 🙏

I’m still shaken for just leaving the hospital right now after visiting one of my Vietnamese writers. I haven’t witnessed anything like this before. 💕 As I checked in the front desk, they told me what hospital bed my friend is on. As I walked into the room, I was frightened to see four men, three wore oxygen masks. They breathed heavily. I came closer to my friend and said: “Hello.” I introduced my name and asked him if he could hear me. He waved his right hand to me and opened his right eye only. I didn’t recognize him. Thus, I went outside to ask the nurses if it was him. They confirmed that it was him. Then I spoke to him, letting him know that the Vietnamese pen group (Việt Bút) mis

Time Waits for No One

No matter how busy I have been lately, I still made time to work on my book and a book with ten other Vietnamese writers. In a couple of months, it will come to the production stage - printing and selling. It’s been a long journey. One of the writers is nowhere to be found. Yesterday I came across his story and my heart just ached 🙏 Life is short. Do what you love and can today because tomorrow is promised to no one. 💕 —/—- Dù bận rộn đến đâu, tôi vẫn dành thời gian để làm việc với cuốn sách của mình và một cuốn sách với mười nhà văn Việt Nam khác. Vài tháng nữa, nó sẽ đến giai đoạn sản xuất - in ấn và phát hành. Đây là một hành trình dài. Một trong những nhà văn bị mất tích. Hôm qua

Los Angeles Job Corps

I don’t remember what the question was, but it made me tell the big boss at Prudential the other day about the day I left my relative’s house to Los Angeles Job Corps in the fall of ‘88. I got choked up when I told him that I carried with me one gym bag of secondhand clothes - the only possession I had. One of my uncles dropped me off at the center, and before I left his car, he handed me $20 bill and wished me luck!! I had no English skills, no high school diploma, no driving skill, and no working skills. I had nothing, but a determination to survive and to make a name for myself and make my family proud. I’m grateful to my ancestors, Buddha, and God for watching over me all these years

October 6, 2018 ✍🏻💕

Have you ever felt defeated in your life? No matter how hard you work, it is still not enough! What do you do when you feel down? As for me, I take deep breaths, work harder and pray for better days. I try not to let anything bring me down. I visualize one day all my hard works will pay off. I’m going to cut back on extra activities, so I can focus on the one important thing right now which is making extra money. I will reprogram myself to like numbers such as real estates, accounting, and investment. I want to balance myself on business and literature. I want to become a well-rounded person. I want to reach financial freedom. There are so much I want to do, but I only have limited time

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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