History is Made

For twelve months, 365 stories were sent to Vietbao Daily News in Orange County, California for writing contest. They chose 47 stories to print in this book. Out of 47 stories, there were 12 prizes. I’m one of the winners 😊. This is the 20th book that is now placed in the Library of Congress. It’s our Vietnamese oversea history of how we got here today, our struggles and triumphs. I’m happy and thankful to be a part of the history ❤️ https://www.amazon.com/dp/1733231293/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk Trong mười hai tháng, 365 câu chuyện đã gửi đến Vietbao Daily News ở Quận Cam, California để viết cho cuộc thi. Họ đã chọn 47 câu chuyện để in trong cuốn sách này. Trong số 47 câu chuyện, có 12 giải thưởng.

Bạn Là Tôi

Đêm hôm qua trên đường lái xe về Los Angeles sau khi tham dự lễ trao giải Viết Về Nước Mỹ năm thứ 20, bỗng dưng nước mắt tôi chảy dài trên má. Đáng lẽ đó là một trong những đêm tôi nên cảm thấy vui và hạnh phúc nhất trên đời, sao tôi lại khóc? Nước mắt dưng tràn cũng có nghĩa quá vui vì cảm động hay vì đau và buồn tủi. Cả hai đều đúng, nhưng phần sau có lẽ đúng hơn cho tâm trạng của tôi lúc đó. Đã lâu tôi thường cảm thấy hồi hộp mỗi lần lái xe trên xa lộ cao tốc, vậy mà đêm hôm qua chẳng những tôi lái trên freeway mà còn vào ban đêm. Trên đường về lỡ tay tôi quẹo lộn đường qua bên freeway khác. Hoảng hốt vì nghe cái máy chỉ đường kêu inh ỏi, vừa sợ vừa buồn tủi, nên tôi mặc cho nước mắt tuôn

Power Comes with Responsibilities

Last night I told my hubby that I’ll be taking a week off next week to work on my book. He was excited and invited me to travel with him to Arizona where he will be working. He wanted to take me to places after each day he’s done working. I told him I wish I could join him, but I agreed on taking over some roles at the Toastmaster meeting this coming Monday for some members who won’t be able to make it to the meeting. As a president of the club, my duty is to inspire, hold a business meeting and keep the club together. I’ll be a timer, a general evaluator and acting as a secretary for that night. They are all volunteering, but I’ll step up when my club needs me. Later last night, he aske

Pursuing My Passions

It’s 5:00 Sunday morning, and here I’m on laying on an exercise mat on my stomach with a headset on and a laptop open. Classical music gives me concentration on writing and the quietness of the morning is a plus. I have always been a morning person for I always go to bed early even on the weekends. I heard that it’s how you can maintain your youthful looks by sleeping early. I would love to stay as young looking as I can 😊. Nowadays, I no longer wish or dream to achieve my goals as a writer or professional speaker, but I will make it happen. 😊 Last night I went over my note I took a couple weeks ago while attending a Toastmaster official training in Pasadena, C.A. It states that in orde

Family Love

While laying in bed listening to music in my bedroom this morning, I heard a knock outside the bedroom. I knew it was my baby Jayden because I heard his little footsteps walking up the stairs. But I asked him anyway, “Who is it? Who is it?” “It’s Jayden,” he replied 👦🏻. He ran inside as soon as I opened the door. “Baby, you’re half-naked! where are your pants?” “It’s downstairs, nana,” he responded. “Oh no, you can’t be naked here,” I told him as I went to the next room to get him a short. “Nana, I pooped.” “Let me clean you up first before I put on your pants.” “I did clean myself, nana.” “But I want to make sure you are clean, baby.” ❤️ Afterward, baby Jayden stayed in my room for a

My 82 Years Young  Customer

I haven't spoken on the phone with my clients due to training in the last few weeks until yesterday. I enjoy talking to them. It’s the best feeling to have. I don’t feel it’s work because I love what I do. Each client is unique. But they all have one thing in common. They need my understanding, caring, professionalism and patience. I didn’t possess all of these qualifications until later on in my career. Like they said wine gets better with age so are most people. 😊 One of my clients gave me a lasting impression yesterday. He was an elderly man in his early 80s. He called regarding his Medi-Cal redetermination. He had a little hard time hearing as he asked me to speak louder and repeated

My First Writing Award

I’m happy, grateful and humbled for receiving a literary award-winning prize and the recognition from the California elected officials ❤️


About ten years ago, my doctor told me I had a chemical imbalance in the brain and gave me prescription drugs. The first time I took them, I felt happy and carefree ( too carefree that I didn’t feel like picking up my son after school 😂.) He made me take them for six months. Afterward, I came off from prescription drugs without consulting with him. Some people told me I might need it for life due to my severe trauma, but I didn’t want to rely on drugs. It was difficult to deal with the painful past, but I did it by taking good care of myself physically and mentally. Writing is therapeutic for me ❤️ I am no longer depressed because I found my purpose: to educate others through my knowled


Do you know how to impress me? It’s not your high social status. It’s not your wealth; it’s not your intelligence or your beauty. But they are your caring and love for humanity. I’m attracted to serving souls who are selfless. Who sacrifice their personal interests in helping others. I wish one day to have met that soulmates ❤️ -------//------- Bạn có biết làm thế nào để gây ấn tượng với tôi không? Bạn không cần phải có địa vị xã hội cao. Bạn không cần phải giàu có; bạn không cần phải là người thông minh hay xinh đẹp. Mà bạn chỉ cần là người biết chăm sóc và thương yêu nhân loại. Tôi thường hu hút bỡi những linh hồn vị tha, hy sinh lợi ích cá nhân của họ trong việc giúp đỡ người khác.

May Peace Be On Earth

There are all types of people I have encountered in my life: Some are honest while others are deceitful. Some are grateful whereas others are ungrateful. Some care and love me unconditionally while others use and abuse me to the maximum. How interesting life can be! Being born into a Buddhism family, I’m still influenced by their teaching to this day although I no longer worship Buddhist. They believe that your life now has a strong connection with your past life. Do not complain or be in despair when you come across difficult situations. Do your best to pay off your debts and do not incur any more. So your next life you would have a better one. Do you believe in reincarnation? I do, bu

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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