“You Were Born to Win”

On June 9, 2019, around 2 p.m. I stood in front of about 25 strangers to deliver a 13-minute speech without any nervousness in me. Only two people in the room I knew were William Hung and my husband. Prior to this day, I practiced it several times and put down the main key points in order. As soon as I left the lectern, I let my note on it and spoke with my heart. Part of the speech was not planned 😂 In the room, everyone paid attention to my speech. It was so quiet that I could even hear a pin dropped. I took my audiences down but brought them back up. That’s speaking techniques that takes time and experiences to develop. Coming back to Toastmaster last August was the best decision I m

An Empty-Nester Soon-To-Be

While having dinner yesterday, my son told me for the second time that he wants to move out with his friends next year. They will rent an apartment and share the expenses together. They are all college kids, working part-time and going to school together. I’m not ready to let him go! I wanted him to finish college first while staying at home, but he insists on leaving. I can’t keep him if he wants to leave. One thing I can offer for him is paying for his car and insurance while he’s in college, so he doesn’t have to work too hard. His major is business. I told him to focus on becoming an entrepreneur and investor. That’s the only way he can have time and financial freedom. After my son leav

To The Graduates

I’m about to deliver a 15-minute speech to a small group of audience. Am I nervous? Nope 🤪How about 3000 people? Probably, yes. 😊 I enjoyed listening to the commencement speaker, Jaime Casap yesterday at Western Governor University in Anaheim, California with about 3000 people including the graduates. Our daughter, Melissa was among them. I believe he has mastered his public speaking skills. His speech was light, entertaining and easy to understand. His message was loud and clear. He suggested instead of asking a young person: “What would you like to become when you grow up?” Ask: “What problems would you like to solve when you grow up? How would you want to solve the problems and what

A Public Servant

Sometimes I feel that my desperate clients were sent to me for a reason. I told them it was their lucky days sometimes. Was it? Or is God testing my sensitive heart? I was about to go home yesterday before I picked up my last phone call which caused me feeling sorry for this young man. After the call, I just sat there for a moment figuring it out what I could do in my power to ease his pain temporary. Although I’m not a doctor, what I can do is to indirectly healing lives. Our career requires us to have a serving heart. We need to realize that our clients are not just numbers, but behind the numbers are real human with feeling just like us. We are required to have compassion and empathy.

She touched My Heart

While standing by the window after an emotional phone call, one of my coworkers came by and asked me what was wrong when she saw tears in my eyes. I told her I felt so bad hearing my elderl client crying for help, but I couldn’t do anything for her. My coworker comforted me and then went about her business. I just stood there, staring into an open space. It was my early phone call, but no one answered as I picked up the line. Instead, loud music was playing in the background. I waited and waited for a while until I heard a strong voice on the other line. “Hello! I waited for over one hour! I’m an agent calling from Kaiser Permanente for my client.” I asked to speak to the client, but she

Battling Addiction

Almost everyone has some kind of addiction. Some are alcoholics, drug addicts, shopaholic, etc. I’m no exception. I enjoy food too much and have no control of portions at times 😂. This morning while in bed, I prayed: “God, please help me reduce all the fat around my upper body.” The thought of having a bowl of oatmeal around seven p.m. last night instead of a bag of instant noodle made me happy (I had dinner earlier and felt hungry around that time.) As a human being, sometimes we are not strong enough to overcome addictions. Sometimes, we need divine intervention. I have worked hard every day, but if I don’t have the health, then what good does it do? I have heard from some people w

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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