Stay Positive

Disappointments I had plenty. I was disappointed at my relationships, my career, my finance, my health, etc... Instead of staying sad and disappointed, I had faith and believed better days would come. To avoid disappointments, I learned to have no expectation from anyone but myself. I depended on no one for anything. (This one is easy because I have always been an independent person since I was a little girl.) Failures have taught me humility. They gave me compassion and empathy which I’m grateful for. They showed me that arrogance is not the way to go in life. You could be on the top of the world one day and could be falling down on the bottom of The Valley the next. Nothing is permanent

Kevin Knight

Kevin Knight’s true and inspiring story moved me to tears yesterday as I attended the District 100 Conference in Cerrito City College where they held speech contests. It wasn’t the first time I cried when I listened to his story. A few weeks ago, he delivered the same speech which I felt his pain of losing his sister, Karen who was murdered due to domestic violence! He was just a young boy who took the blame and guilt for not being there to protect her. As a result, he had a difficult time having healthy relationships. He pushed everyone away including his dear mother. Until one day, when he had no more strength to push anyone anymore. He started to let his mother in. What she said to him on

My Why

As I exited the restroom yesterday in the afternoon, I saw one of my co-workers walked toward the door with her four-wheel walker. I stood there holding the door for her. She walked real slow as she leaned onto her walker for the support. She said nothing to me as she came inside; instead, she waved her right hand in lieu of a “thank-you.” I knew her a little over two years, but I never had a chance to work directly with her. There are about four hundred of us in the building, spreading from the first, second, fourth and fifth floor. She was on the 2nd and 4th floor before and recently moved up to my fifth floor. She is in her sixties. Her hair was all shaven. I don’t know what is wrong

Say a Prayer

As a woman, how comfortable are you eating alone in a restaurant full of people? I felt fine dining in a crowded restaurant yesterday alone. As a matter of fact, I prefer to be alone at times. It gives me time to think and reflect. My life has been a roller coaster ride. When I was down, I asked our Creator for spiritual support, and when I was up, I lifted a person or two in monetary as well as moral support. In the past several years, each morning, I have learned to say a prayer and give thanks for this life I have. Have a blessed day/ night, my FB fam ❤️ #blessed #grateful

Sweet Success

One thing I have mastered is not using any filler word during my speeches in Toastmaster meetings. Filler words are umm, ah, you know... Words that make no sense, but some speakers use them because they are nervous. Up until the last meeting two weeks ago, I dreaded to get called up for an impromptu speech, but last night I was confident for being the first person speaking. Not knowing the question in advance, I was able to answer it for 2.03 minutes with poise and confidence. It takes many practices to get to this stage 😊 Being a public servant and an entrepreneur, my goal is to use my platform in speaking and writing to encourage as many people as I can to reach their dreams. It takes

Pastor Billy Graham

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always fascinated about famous people, especially those who have changed the world for the better. Yesterday, after attending the sunrise service for the resurrection day, I took a long nap. When I woke up, I thought it was around 3 p.m., but it was only 11:30 a.m. Got me something to eat, cleaned up the kitchen, did laundry, and cooked dinner. I did all that and still had extra time to relax. My form of entertainment is costing no money by watching a good movie on Netflix 😊. I don’t watch anything that has to do with killing or nonsense. I enjoy comedy, loved stories or true and inspiring movie. I happened to find a true and inspiring story of t


About ten years ago, my doctor told me I had a chemical imbalance in the brain and gave me prescription drugs. The first time I took them, I felt happy and carefree ( too carefree that I didn’t feel like picking up my son after school 😂.) He made me take them for six months. Afterward that I came off from prescription drugs without consulting with him. Some people told me I might need it for life due to my severe trauma, but I didn’t want to rely on drugs. It was difficult to deal with the painful past, but I did it by taking good care of myself physically and mentally. Writing is therapeutic for me ❤️ I am no longer depressed because I found my purpose: to educate others through my kno

A Blessed Palm Sunday 2019

Do you cry when you see someone crying? I often do. While in church earlier, the last beautiful service song came up with the words: “It is well in my soul.” My heart melted with the beautiful melody and lyrics. The voice of the singer took my breath away. Then I saw a woman sitting in a row in front of me continuously wiping her tears. I couldn’t help shedding some tears as well. Whatever she has been going through, the music had touched her heart deeply. ❤️ Today is Palm Sunday, a special day for Christians and Catholics as we believe Jesus came back to life after three days of being buried. I didn’t ask for anything as I stood in the church today because I have been blessed for everythin

Dreams Do Come True

I was truly happy seeing my long-wanted massage chair delivered yesterday although they came in with the wrong color. I asked for black, but I didn’t make a fuss about it. I’m an easy going shopper 😊 It was one of my dreams came true. My biggest dream is taking good care of my loved ones financially and helping as many people as I can. That’s why I have worked tirelessly to achieve my dreams. There are so much for me to learn in the financial service business. I can’t wait! About three years ago, I wrote on my Facebook status how much I enjoyed training my new coworkers and wished I could work as a trainer for a living. Now my company is training me to be a trainer. Be careful what you

Knowledge is Power

Knowledge is Power An 84 elderly woman’s daughter called me about her mother In-Home Support Services (IHSS) program. She said with the Share of Cost (SOC)of $700 plus on her mother Medi-Cal, she could not qualify for the IHSS program. It’s complicated when it comes to Medi-Cal programs even I have worked for it many years. I went and asked for help. After calculations, my client only needs to spend $57 monthly premium on vision or dental, then she would qualify for Medi-Cal without SOC. In return, that would qualify her for IHSS program where she would get someone to come into her house to take care of her several hours per day without any cost. It’s worth knowing all the Medi-Cal pr

I’m Truly Blessed

Yesterday someone messaged me about job opportunities in the financial service. Sadly, I had to turn them down because our company only works in the United States. Not many people in the world have the same opportunities as what we have in this country. As an immigrant, I have always worked hard like most immigrants in this country because we appreciate and value the opportunities given to us in America. If you are financially struggling and doing nothing to improve it, then it’s nobody’s fault but yours. I know it's not easy to work extra or go to school after nine hours at work and still care for the young ones. Some people are more blessed in the sense of having family helping with thei

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