My Partner in Crime 😍

Marrying someone who loves you and supports what you do is more important than anything else. I’m blessed and thankful in that regards. Last night, Dennis told me he would take me to a special restaurant to celebrate with me after I passed my life agent license. He also told me in the past that he would do anything in his power to support my new career. What a true blessing! With my brain and his help, we will conquer the world lol. We will work hard and smart in order to make a good living. We want to take better care of our loved ones and give back to the society ❤️

A Lifetime of Being a Public Servant

On August 3, 1973, Ms. Lula Brown walked into the Department of Public Social Service of Los Angeles. Little did she know, she has touched thousands of lives with her loving and caring services for the last 45 and 1/2 years. Up until yesterday, I gave her a case to authorize for a family whom I helped added a newborn correctly on the system. It took me almost an hour to fix it and put it on for emergency update. I was a bit worried at first because she was not there in the morning to authorize the work I did on the computer. As soon as she got to work in the afternoon, she authorized it right away. That’s what I love about her for always being efficient. Today, March 29, 2019, marks the l

Love You, Boss

I called one of my frustrated clients back this morning and told him that his case is ready for my supervisor to authorize today and I will manually submit paperworks to activate his children Med-Cal on the State level. He was very happy, asked for my full name and he was also sorry for placing his frustration on me yesterday. Toward the end of the day yesterday , I said to myself that I will answer one last call before I go home. On the other line was a male voice who sounded like he was crying. He wanted me to terminate his children Medi-Cal because they have gone without medical insurance for three months and he couldn't wait any longer... He said he's a single dad who has to work and

Farewell Boss

Have you ever planned and worked so hard to get something accomplished, but in the end, you were still worried something might go wrong? That was me on 03/19/2019, the day of my supervisor: Ms. Lula Brown’s retirement party. Throughout the morning of the event I was busying myself, but not worried. But then I received a call from the caterer stating that he was on his way with my order. I went to retrieve my wallet, but inadvertently put my phone down. As I stepped into an elevator my heart suddenly felt heavy, and as the door closed behind me a worried voice whispered into my ears: "Who would get the food if you got stuck in here, the caterer only has my phone number?” My mind raced fo


After 90-minutes of foot massage earlier this afternoon, I gave my plastic card to the Masseuse to charge, but he said the machine was out of order. Luckily, I kept Mr. Benjamin Franklin in my car in case of an emergency. I asked him to follow me to the car to get the money. He said no need and let me walked out. What if I never returned? Another similar occasion in Vietnam recently when I had no money with me before getting my lip tattoos. I told the tattoo artist who my family was, but she and I never met. She worked on me for two hours and let me come home to get the money. What if I lied? What if I never come back?  😍😊 Are honesty and trustworthy words printed on my face? 😀😊

Who Am I

Who am I? I am a public servant, financial service agent, and a passionate writer and public speaker. I am also a mother of two, a wife, a loving daughter, and a caring sister. I was born into a middle-class Vietnamese family in Da Nang on March 13, 1970 (the fourth of seven children). Towards the end of the Vietnam War in 1975, we were forced to flee to Saigon and leave everything behind. With nothing other than the clothes on our backs, we soon found out what poverty was, most of the time would go to sleep with an empty stomach. The turning point in my life was when my precious baby brother passed away from a heart condition due to the lack of money and medical care. It was then that I

I am Rich

I am Rich I am richer today than a year ago in term of health. Without good health, a mountain of wealth means nothing. Yesterday I turned 49! I don’t feel my age at all, instead, I feel even healthier now than I was in my thirties! How is that possible, one may ask. In my thirties, I started working for LA County and raised two young children, aged five and one. It was a dark period in my life in term of health because I had sleep deprivation for many years. Not knowing that without a sufficient amount of sleep, I encountered so many mental problems such as stresses, negative self-talk, and self-doubt. It took me many years to understand that. Up until last year, I had to force myself

My Two Mothers

Yesterday I called my mother-in-law to invite her for breakfast at 8:45. She didn’t pick up the landline as well as the cellular phone. I panicked for a moment. I called back again. Still no answer. Many negative thoughts ran through my head until I received her call back. I jumped to joy when I heard her voice on the other line! She’s 86-years young, living alone. She prefers to stay that way until she can no longer take care of herself. ❤️ Later at night, my Herbalife agent video chatted with me and had my mom on the line. She sees the agent every morning for nutritional drinks, exercise and education on healthy lifestyles. The first word my mom uttered was “let’s race who will be losing


It took me 11/2 hour to arrive in Fountain Valley City yesterday morning for a weekly meeting. It always takes me that long due to many street signs and turns on the local streets. I was in Orange County past 5 p.m. I was tired and needed to bring food home for my boys for dinner 😂. If I took the local streets home, it would be very late. So I hopped on freewways 22 W. 605 N. and 60 Lós Angeles. Before I got on the Freeways, I prayed 🙏. As miraculously as it sounds, I was driving like a professional. I didn’t have an ounce of nervousness in me. I have been taking local streets to most places in the past several years because I felt nervous driving fast on the freeways. I knew it was al

Savoring Nutritional Breakfast

It was my very first solid food at around 11 a.m after I drank a glass of water, a cup of tea and a nutrition shake yesterday. I savored the taste of a sweet maple and sugar oatmeal 😋. I had it in the past, but I didn’t recall how tasty it was until yesterday! Perhaps, I was hungry for a solid meal. Also, I knew how healthy it was for breakfast. Coming from a background where there was no real breakfast, I used to eat the leftover the day before or anything edible without the good nutrition for the morning. Being health conscious now, I watch what I eat and appreciate mutinous food very much. #oatmeal #healthymeal

Tears for Luke Perry

Migrating to America in the mid-80s, there were a few America television shows I watched and loved. One was Beverly Hills 90210. Luke Perry was a hot stud, however, in thirty years he aged so fast. Yesterday he was announced dead due to a massive stroke at age 52. His untimely death shook Hollywood as well as the world. Gone too soon! He is survived by two young boys. May you Rest In Peace, Luke🙏 In a few more days, I’ll be 49 years old. Although I often don’t think about my age and have always felt younger than my age, my body does not act young like I used to. In my 20s and 30s, I could eat anything and not getting fat, but it’s not the case anymore. My fat is stored in the upper body


It’s Sunday morning, the first day my husband and I are back to church after three weeks of being overseas. At 8:00 a.m., I made a phone call to my mother-in-law for breakfast after church. As usual, she ended the call with “I Love You.” I love you too, mom! Our lives are now back to regular. I’m glad for being able to get back to sleep. I can’t afford jet lag as long as I did in Vietnam- almost three weeks long! Being a past depressed patient, I need a sufficient amount of sleep as much as a fish needs water. Without it, I literally cannot function. Knowing myself quite well, I take good care of my mental health as well as working on my overall health. Being a full-time county empl

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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