Fair Treatment

Before I left the States, I invited a little over 100 people to join my boss’s retirement. One of them is our janitor who has limited English skills. She gave me $10 for the contribution to the party and asked to save her a plate only. I told her it’s lunchtime and advised her to change her uniform into business attire and join us. I’m not sure if it’s appropriate for her to eat with us though... The janitor and I have a good relationship. I often share with her a piece of cake or a plate of food whenever we have parties. Also, I feel happy around her who is friendly and seems content. However, I don’t have the same feeling with most of the people with higher social status. Is it me or t

A Wake Up Call

What scared me the most was when I found out last week that I have carried over twenty pounds of fat in my body! This will eventually cause diabetes which runs in my family. Not only that, but I could also get a stroke for blood clog which happened to my dad who died from a heart attack. I’m not afraid of death, but I don’t want to die prematurely or getting really sick and becoming a burden to my loved ones. It would be selfish of me to do that. My husband used to love food too much and became obese. He told me earlier today that it took him a while to be able to take care of himself. Today he’s a physically fit. I am weak and need divine intervention. I’ll pray each morning to help

Breaking a Bad Habit 🙏

Holding a 500,000 Dong bill (~$23) in my hand while walking toward the market around 10 a.m today, I could not stop thinking of buying a baguette stuffed with roasted pork, an over easy egg, veggies, and spices. While standing in front of the merchant, about to order, my Herbalife representative asked me what I was doing. I told her I was going to order breakfast. She then asked me if I had an Herbalife drink yet. I said yes but still wanted to eat. She advised me to wait for lunch because the drink was sufficient for breakfast. Indeed, I was not hungry, just wanted to eat, a really bad habit I haven't been able to break as of yet. Walking away without the mouth-watering baguette made me

Home Sweet Home

I've been visiting home in Vietnam for two weeks now and have had a great time with my family and friends! I'm thankful for the opportunity to come home where my heart belongs. I have two homes though, one in the U.S. and the other here. Therefore, my heart is always divided into two. It's not an easy feeling, but I try my best not to feel homesick and make the best of it wherever I am. My mom health has improved from the last visit where she stayed in a hospital for ten days due to falling. This time she is doing much better. Recently, she joined Herbalife where she is learning how to eat healthier. We are all happy that each morning, she gets ready by 8 o'clock, and walks to the market ne

Life is Precious

On the last Friday before I left the office, I gave $90 to my boss that I collected from my co-workers for her retirement party. The day before, I gave my boss’s boss $500 to keep for the party. I told my boss and coworkers where I kept the party favors and well wishes cards for her. Why did I do all this as if I plan to never return? Well, my philosophy in life is to plan for the best and prepare for the worst. I plan to live a very long life that one day I will celebrate my centenarian birthday. I want to travel the world and learn other cultures and taste different cuisines. I plan to write books after books. I wish to visit the orphanages and help the poor. I work hard each day to achi

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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