A Heart Divided Into Two

Typically a couple weeks prior to me coming home to visit my folks in Vietnam, I would feel the excitement of seeing them again. This is the first time in ten years , I feel more reluctant to leave this home in the U.S. My heart is equally divided into two countries. I felt this way about ten years ago when I left here to go back to visit my folks in VN for the first time without my children when they were around 10 and 15. I was so sad and felt guilty of leaving them. My punishment was not enjoying myself without the children by staying home almost the entire trip. Last year Baby Jayden was crying for missing me. He didn’t understand why I was gone so long. I still remember when I arrive

Speak with Passion

Public speaking is an art which requires lots of skills and practices to achieve. Some people push themselves over their limit to become efficient at speaking, while others would do anything to avoid speaking in front of groups of people, even at the cost of not being able to graduate from college or passing up the opportunity of getting promotions. As timid as I was, never in a million of years would I had dreamt of speaking and competing against others in public, yet I achieved the impossible. Winning Toastmaster Speech contests in 2012 have changed my life for the better. With passion, hard work and a little bit of luck, success is inevitable. My favorite subject in college was speech.

Planning for the Loved Ones

Last week I filed income tax as a married woman for the first time in a decade. Being married makes my income tax return $1,000 less. It hurts my pocket, but I preferred to do the right thing than to worry of the audit and paying back with the interests. I am an honest person who has a conscience knowing right from wrong. There are two things you cannot avoid: paying taxes and death. The smart business people know how to pay much less taxes. However, there is no way you can avoid death. Sadly, some people don’t think or plan for the inevitable. I thought so much of death in my teenage years and have planned for it for decades. Why? Because I was hurt, shock and tragically affected by my

”To Be or Not To Be”

”To be or not to be” is what introduced to us by our longtime member, Wendell at our first Toastmaster meeting for this year 2019. He said what your action today will produce the result of tomorrow. Without action equals no production. Indeed. Although it was raining and cold night, we had twelve members showing up and three new guests. The theme of the night is the New Year Resolution. Everyone gave good tips on how to achieve our new goals for the year. Some mentioned to make short goals and update them frequently while others suggested dedicating each day or each week to achieve the goals. All are good. Thank you all! Gerald gave a convincing speech of restoring the role of the Toastma

To My Dearest Jayden

What a joy for having you this Sunday morning! I love your sweetness, innocence, and active personality. You sure are talking a lot now for a four-year-old boy. You were so excited about entering into a bus where it took us to the chapel this morning. As soon as you sat down, you asked me to buckle you up. You chatted nonstop. When the bus stopped at the parking lot, you jumped with joy as I held your hand. I wanted to seize this precious moment forever! ❤️ After an hour in service, I came to pick you up at the daycare. You were happy to show your teacher your shoes lighting up as you stepped on them. She complimented how beautiful they were. At a quick and thoughtful response, you said:

Nàng Xuân Chẳng Của Riêng Ai

Dạo trước mỗi lần nàng Xuân đến, đôi tay tôi khép kín lại như thầm bảo: "Đi cho khuất mắt!" Dù muốn dù không nàng vẫn điềm nhiên bước đến để rồi ra đi trong lặng lẽ. Hằng năm tôi gặp nàng Xuân tôi chỉ biết buồn rầu vì thương nhớ nàng Xuân xưa ở tận nửa vòng trái đất. Cho tới năm Quí Mùi, 2003 tôi đã quyết định thay đổi. Tôi đã không còn buồn rầu thương nhớ nàng Xuân xưa nữa mà hai tay đã mở rộng hân hoan tiếp đón nàng Xuân mới. Có lẽ tình cảm của tôi đối với nàng Xuân xưa như một chuyện tình dang dở, thời gian dài rồi cũng phải phai nhòa để vui sống với những gì đang có trong tầm taỵ Kể từ ngày đặt chân đến xứ người, 1986,  tôi chưa hề cảm thấy nôn nao chào đón Xuân. Nhiều đêm ba mươi tế

Does God Exist?

Does God exist? It’s a question that has been asked for centuries. It depends on whom the question address to. Some say yes, no or I don’t know unless you prove it. When I was in college, I wrote an essay about God whether he exists or not. While doing research, reading both sides of the arguments, which sounded very convincing, I didn’t know where I stand. Part of being unable to make a stand had to do of life lack of experiences. I was only in my twenties. 😂 If I were asked the same question again: Does God exist? My answer would be yes. Although I cannot see him in the physical form, I can feel his blessings. All of my sincere prayers are being answered. Having faith in someone high

Creating a Passive Income

Driving home from having breakfast with my hubby, his mom and grandson yesterday, he showed me the bandit sign on the sidewalk of two real estate couple who has been in the industry for many years. I said to him that it’s important to have a partner in the business. He agreed. He will be my business partner, taking care of the outsider. With my quest for knowledge, willing to study hard to obtain licenses and handling finances, good with people skills, I’m sure we will conquer the business world! 😀 My goal is to create a passive income. I will work hard in the next five to seven years to make that into reality. At 55, I will let my children handling our businesses. Dennis and I will trav

”Sharing is Caring”

The other day a co-worker of mine stopped me in the morning while I was walking into the office. She said she wanted to thank me for the tips I gave her how to have a healthy looking hair. I was pleased to hear that she followed my advice 😊 I used to admire women with long black hair. At the time, I didn’t know how to care for mine. It took me years to figure out what to do to make my hair looking good and healthy. I love sharing my knowledge and experiences with others in all aspects of life. Seeing others happy makes me happy too. 🙂 I didn't care about getting into a business world before, but my circumstances have forced me to like it. It is not so bad after all because I see the bu

The Middle Class

After hanging up the phone, I felt bad for one of my customers yesterday. She said as long as her children have Medi-Cal, it was all matter. She didn’t care that she was not insured due to lack of fund to buy insurance from CoveredCA. What if something happens to her? How is she going to pay for the medical bills, and who is going to take care of her children when she is not well? There are many people who are underinsured and or not insured at all in America... The poor gets everything from housing, food, and Medi-Cal while the middle class is being punished by the system. What makes me feel sad the most is dealing with retirees who work all their lives, but are not getting the full med

Goodbye 2018 and Hello 2019

Do you have a New Year tradition? Growing up in Vietnam we were reminded constantly by our parents to be at our best behaviors on the New Years. We don’t celebrate just one day but a whole three days. Mom said if something goes bad on the beginning of the year, it will linger throughout the year. I still hold tight to the beliefs. Reminded my hubby last night to remain calm and joyful no matter what for at least today, and I will do the same. 😂 Another tradition I still hold tight to is making sure the house is clean and all trash taking out before the clock strikes 12:01 a.m. As for my new year tradition, I pay all bills on New Year eve, and I write a few words to reflect on the year

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