Kêu Khóc Bằng Tiếng Việt

Đã từ lâu, sống tại nước Mỹ, tiếng Việt đối với tôi là ngôn ngữ dấu yêu. Khi nghe tiếng Việt bên tai, tôi như được nghe tiếng Mẹ hiền yêu dấu với những âm thanh trầm bổng nhiều cung bậc. Mỗi lần nghe nhạc Việt cất lên, lòng tôi chùng lại vì bùi ngùi thương nhớ những người thân còn bên quê nhà. Vì thế tôi yêu lắm khi được nghe, được nói và được viết tiếng Việt. Xa nhà, xa nước khi mới 15 tuổi, trong mười năm trau dồi Việt ngữ, tôi tập tành viết lên những câu chuyện đời mình, đời người. Đó là lúc tôi cảm thấy hạnh phúc như mình được gần gũi gia đình và đồng bào của tôi hơn. Có hạnh phúc nào bằng khi mình có thể làm được những gì mình yêu thích? Nhưng mấy mươi năm sống trên đất khách quê

Thanksgiving 2018

I went to bed early yesterday like around 9:00 p.m right after I washed the last pot and pan 😂. I didn’t wear my comfortable tennis shoes yesterday, so at the end of the party, my legs, as well as my arms, were dead tired 😓. I used to host party quite often when my children were much younger but did not feel this much exhaustion before. I guess age is catching up with me no matter how young I feel inside. I can’t change the law of gravity. Our bodies are like machines which are wear and tear... Despite how tired I was, I would still do it again. There were almost thirty people in my house yesterday. The turkey turned out very delicious 😋. One of my daughters told me she normally didn’

Preparation for a Thanksgiving Feast

Cooking is a form of art which requires creativity. One can only create a masterpiece with passion and lots of practices. I have a few passions which include cooking. Having the basic skills already, I can replicate a meal easily with a little touch of my own. This afternoon I spent a little over two hours cutting eight pounds of green beans and marinating a 22 and 1/2 pounds of butterball turkey. Although it was a long and tidiest process, I enjoyed doing it very much. I'm looking forward to baking a delicious turkey and decorating my humble place with autumn leaves. I'm most joyful when I see my house full of family and close friends eating the food I prepare with labor of love. I'm happ

I’m Thankful for Everything

How much is enough? Tonight, I decided to feel enough and abundant as long as I live. I’m grateful for being able to put food on the table, and a roof over our head. I’m happy for having the ability to support my both children in higher education. My daughter told me a couple days ago that they offer her a position where she does internship as soon as she finishes her master degree in 11/2 year. That’s such a great news! I believe soon my children will be able to take good care of themselves and their family. I have given them all my love and support, and hope they will do the same for their children. I’m thankful for everything. ❤️ Day 142 November 20, 2018 #thankful #content #blessed

I am Blessed

What I am thankful for is my desire to learn new things all the time. Keeping my mind busy helps me from feeling sad or depressed for feeling unproductive. This evening, I spent a few hours learning about the real estate investment company that I’m about to take three days of my time to get to know about it. I watched videos and read quite a few negative comments. Will I still attend the training? Yes, I will since I have already paid a small fee. Will I pay a lot more money to get into the program? No, because it’s not something I can jump in full force at this time due to having a full-time career with the county. It does not hurt to learn something new every day. There are many skeptical

Motherly Love

As usual, my husband and I pick up our mom after attending a church service for brunch, but today, she invited us to go to the veteran club near her house. She told my husband to park the car in front of her house because there would not be parking at the club. Besides, the club was just right across the house. While walking toward there, one hand I was holding my husband and the other hand holding our mom, I felt, for the first time, an overwhelming sense of love I have never had before! This Thanksgiving I am truly grateful for our Mom who fills our heart with joy and love. Please God, protect her and bless her with good health and happiness always. 🙏❤️ #mother #love #grateful

Welcoming a Newfound Passion

It’s only seven thirty in the morning, yet I finished reading two chapters of the real estate investing and updated my website crystalhvo.com. I’m so happy and thankful that I got the most visit on my site on November 8th. What happened on that day? I am thankful to Vietbao.com admit for allowing me to share my site on my Vietnamese writing contest posted on their site! I have 24 hours like everyone else, but I have learned to manage my time wisely, so I can get a lot done. I plan to read at least a chapter a day on the R.E investment. On the weekend I go over their videos training. By the time I have three-day in-person training in a few weeks, I’m prepared for it. I truly want to make it

Power Comes with Responsibilities

Power Comes with Responsibilities Yesterday I came to the Toastmaster meeting at 6:00 p.m. It was a Veteran’s Day. I had no work, so I could leave early from home. On regular Mondays, I can only get there around 6:30 p.m. because I leave work at 6:00 p.m. I stayed in my car for fifteen minutes to go over the agenda for the night. I only had one role: Evaluator. There was nothing I could do to prepare for it. As I walked into the meeting room at 6:15 p.m. there was a group of people already in the room. One person came out and told me that they were scheduled for the room. I was surprised that it happened because we are scheduled for the second and fourth of the Monday nights always. I sp

Never Forget

As soon as I threw theses pineapple cords into the trashcan yesterday, I remembered over three decades ago, one of my older cousins who once lived with us, picked them up from a dumpster regularly and brought them home to eat. They were not easy to swallow, but they were edible. It was something better than nothing. Yes, we were very poor and hungry when food was scarce. Today whenever I see a homeless person or a street musician, I never hesitate to give them my spare change, or a little more. I know what it's like to be on the bottom of the social ladder. ❤️ November 13, 2017 #poor #neverforget #success #hunger #poverty

Tạ Ơn: Hai Bà Mẹ

Hai bà mẹ: một người sanh ra tôi và một người sanh ra phu quân của tôi. Cả hai tôi đều thương yêu vô vàn. Vừa rồi tôi mới nghe qua trên đài phát thanh là tháng 11 hàng năm là National Gratitude Month (tạm dịch là tháng của cả nước Mỹ tỏ lòng biết ơn). Bốn tháng nay, ngày nào tôi cũng viết trên Facebook và nhiều lúc trên trang mạng riêng của mình những lời tạ ơn dù lớn hay nhỏ. Cho dù ngày đó không như ý muốn, tôi cũng luôn tìm cách nhìn phía tích cực của nó để viết lên lời tạ ơn. Mẹ sanh tôi ra tôi gọi bà bằng Má, còn mẹ chồng của tôi thì gọi bằng Mom. Hai bà mẹ ở hai chân trời xa tít mù khơi, chưa bao giờ có dịp gặp mặt và có lẽ sẽ không bao giờ có dịp. Má tôi năm nay đã được 76 tuổi, còn

Stop Worrying. Start Praying

Stop Worrying. Start Praying I used to worry for many things: what if this and what if that. It was almost like a sickness until I started to learn to trust in the Lord recently. I literally went down on my knees and asked to take my worries away. Nowadays, each night before I go to bed, I pray. I thank Him for watching over my family and guide me how to overcome financial challenges. I’ve always passionate about writing, reading and public speaking, but now I am very excited about investing in real properties and tax deeds. There are many ways to make it in the business. What you need is a brain, an open mind, hard work and a little bit of money. Start out small and work your way up. I

Accepting Challenges

Accepting Challenges Are you the type of person who shies from challenges or head-on with them? I’m the latter type. I’ve come across many obstacles in my life since I was a little girl, but I was able to overcome one challenge at a time. I was a timid person until the last decade. I still remember feeling intimidated in a large Vietnamese crowd at a social gathering years ago. I asked myself why I was there in the first place. It made me feel more lost and lonely than ever! No matter how annoying the voices in my head telling me that I did not belong in a large group of people, I did not listen to them. My life would have been so sad and depressed for hiding in a tiny shell. Slowly, I g

I Voted

I didn’t plan to go to the Midterm Election this afternoon because I had to pick up baby Jayden afterwork. But I changed my mind after seeing my friends posted their “I Voted” stickers online. I put in two hours of my time from work and went to vote first before picking up my baby. I am glad I did it! I felt good being part of the national event. It’s a privilege to vote. It’s not all about voting for officials, but there are many measures can also affect you directly. I’m blessed to have had the right to vote. Day 128 November 6, 2018 #Ivoted #vote #democracy

Change Your Mindset Change Your Life

I got caught in two hours rewriting my short Vietnamese story tonight. I changed almost 80% of the story I completed with about 2600 words yesterday. Why? Because I want to uplift my readers not make them more depressed which I tend to do a lot in my native stories. I want to get over the sad stories which I have carried with me for several decades already. It was not easy to change, but I did it tonight! 😊 I’ll definitely translate all my short stories to English one at a time next year. I’m happy to always have something pleasant to share with the world. Thank You! #positiveattitude #storytelling

I Need a Little Luck

Everything happens for a reason. Everyone you meet plays a role in your life. Some are bad news while others are blessing in your life. I have not made an effort to make friends outside of work because mainly I have no time. But I welcome those who reach out to me and want to be my friends. I play fair and expect the same. Truly happy to have talked to a longtime real estates investor this evening who is a friend of my new friend. He started out with very little money thirty years ago, after nine times of selling his houses without paying taxes because the profits were under $500,000, he has made the big buck. Currently, he is investing in $2.4 million in building a brand new house and now t

Age is Just a Number

As usual, today I spent my lunchtime with my coworkers mostly on Fridays, the rest of the week we are on our own. It’s very nice for having friends who you can talk to and going to places with. Strangely, all of my friends are about ten to fifteen years younger than I am, but I feel perfectly the same age as theirs, not a day older. This means I’m young at heart. I believe age is just a number. Some people feel and act old in their fifty while others feel and act young in their seventy. I’d like very much to be the latter group. I am happy that I can enjoy good meals, a good walk on the sidewalk with my good friend every day at work. Sometimes we tend to take things for granted until we lo

It's National Gratitude Month

Did you know that today, November 1st, 2018 is the first day of the National Gratitude Month? I happened to listen to the radio and learned about it. As for me, it’s not just one month out of the year, but it’s every single day. Practicing gratitude in the last four months has helped me shift from focusing on the not-have to have and negative to positive. I still have some bad days, but I have managed to control my thought and behaviors better than before. I spent a whole day today treating myself very well. No one can love you more than yourself! As I woke up this morning, my joy of passing the real estates exams still lingered. So I called my boss and told her I’d be coming to work a bit

Feel Like a Winner Tonight!

I did it!!! After one whole month of reading, rereading, taking tests and retaking tests, I passed all eight real estate exams with 70% and higher tonight. I was nervous about submitting the last answer because I didn't want to study anymore 😂This time the renewal process was ten times more difficult than the last. I'm so relief now. By the end of this weekend, I'll be paying for the renewal license fee online, and I'm officially back to the active agent. Early this morning, my boss from the real estate company sent a group message. It read: see you at noon. I supposed it was for potluck for Halloween. I wished I knew it in advance to buy a costume. Nevertheless, I showed up with two boxe

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