As a Leader

Some people are born as leaders whereas others are born as followers. I believe it’s natural. Currently, I’m leading two big projects simultaneously: throwing a big retirement party for my boss, estimating 100 attendees and collaborating with ten other writers to make a book in the Spring of 2019. At the same time, I’m holding a full-time job, babysitting my baby Jayden sometimes while his mom is in school, cooking, cleaning and trying to pass my real estate renewing license. Where do I get all the time? I make time by prioritizing and organizing my workload. As a leader, you need to be a good listener. In the meeting this afternoon, I asked my other seven coworkers what they would like

Inspired by My Elderly Neighbor

This morning as soon as I parked my car outside of my house and walked into the gate, my elderly neighbor called me into her little garden. She said she has saved a big melon for me. She wanted me to bring it home. She showed me several ones. They are giant, no less than 25 pounds each. I told her I’ll ask my husband to pick it up later. She does have a green thumb. She’s in her late 80th, but she does not seem to slow down anytime soon. I see her every day getting busy in her garden as early as seven in the morning. It’s the best exercise she could get with natural Vitamin D. I’m doing my best to get a little exercise at work. Each day, one of my coworkers and I walk during our two break

Integral Taichi

After work today I ran to the local community recreational center to join the Integral Taichi class for the first time. It’s a relaxation techniques and meditation which combine Yoga, Taichi, Qi Gong and meditation. This is a free class, operating every Monday evening from 6-8 p.m. I was introduced by my coworker who is also the instructor at our company and this center. Due to the conflict of schedule and lack of participation, he no longer teaches at work. I joined his class several times years ago. Recently, I read a couple short stories in Vietnamese which state that Yoga and Taichi are very good for one's health. They can heal your body from many illnesses. I have had backaches for ag

I Have Two Mothers

I’m thankful for my two moms, one is in Vietnam and the other is in America. I love them both. I’ve just finished writing a short Vietnamese story about them, about 2000 words or more. Not living with my biological mom since I was a teenager, I miss the motherly love. My mother-in-law somehow fills in that hole. I pray for both of them good health and longevity. I’m grateful for having them both in my life. 🙏❤️ Day 119 October 28, 2018 #mothers #love #family

Thua Keo Này Bày Keo Khác

Đêm hôm qua, thứ Năm 27 tháng 9, 2018 tôi ôm bụng cười trong hội trường Laugh Factory ở Long Beach, California. Tại đây từ tối thứ Tư cho đến tối Chủ Nhật có những tai hề độc thoại. Mỗi người trình diễn khoảng 30 phút, họ không có dụng cụ nào khác làm cho khán giả cười ngoài giọng nói và cách diễn xuất của họ. Đó là một nghệ thuật trau dồi điêu luyện không phải dễ mới đạt được.Vì được một đêm cười sản khoái, sáng nay tôi tạm quên cái đau một đêm trước đó sau khi đi diễn thuyết xong và nghe lời phê bình không thương tiếc từ những người tôi không hề quen biết. Đây là lần đầu tôi diễn thuyết dài 20 phút. Cách nay khoảng năm năm, tôi có ghé thăm hội diễn thuyết này có tên gọi là Founder’s Dist

What is Success?

What is a success to you? Achieving financial freedom? Having a loving family? Traveling the world? Success, to me, is moving one step closer to where I want to go. Many have achieved their goals in their early twentieth, while others are still working hard at them in their fortieth. I've learned to compare myself to no one. Given the circumstances I have been, I think I have done a great job thus far: I give generously, love unconditionally and live purposely. I may be very slow getting where I want to go, but who is timing? If I had another fifty years to live, I will get there one day. But if I had only a short period of time on earth, I would not die heartbroken because being able to d

Tản Mạn và Em Tôi

Sáng sớm nay, thứ Tư ngày 24 tháng 10, tôi có đọc một bản tin tức trên mạng rằng có một người trúng giải độc đắc Mega Millions: 5, 28, 62, 65, 70. Mừng mừng vui vui vì biết đâu mình là một trong những người may mắn vì tôi cũng có mua chung vé số với vài người bạn đồng nghiệp và với những người bạn văn nghệ. Chưa dò vé số và chưa hay tin tức gì của các bạn đồng nghiệp nên niềm hy vọng vẫn còn tràn trề. Đây là giải độc đắc lớn nhất trên nước Mỹ với trị giá 1.6 tỷ Mỹ kim. Nghe nói nếu lấy hết một lần sẽ được 900 triệu đô la. Đó là một con số tiền lớn không thể tưởng tượng. Có một thời gian dài tôi không muốn trúng số giải độc đắc vì sợ tiền bạc quá nhiều sẽ mang họa nhiều hơn phước, nhưng nay t

Hard Work

I didn’t get a memo before the meeting that I was supposed to be a humorous master for tonight at our Toastmaster club. I didn’t prepare for it, and not wanted to look like a fool, so I declined the assigned duty as they asked me. Thus Toastmaster asked me to take the role of a timer instead. Wendell, our oldest member of 43 years, accepted the humorous master role. He has never failed to astonish me with his great sense of humor as he delivered a short joke in front of the group. As for me, I sat behind an electronic timer, jotting down the time, minutes and seconds, of all speakers tonight. I had a little trouble in the beginning. I was busy timing, writing down names, about a good twent

I’m Grateful for My Family

I spent about one hour with baby Jayden in a park this morning while his mom had to do her school assignments. He enjoyed riding his tricycle very much. I helped him a little bit when he was going uphill. I have wished him “Happy Birthday” for a week already, but today is his actual day of birth four years ago. Happy birthday, baby Jayden! 🙂🎁🎉 As for me, I brought some old slices of bread to the park to feed the ducks. They scared me a little because there were so many of them, and some were big and aggressive lol 😂. I love this park so much because it’s beautiful and close by home. Would love to spend at least an hour each weekend here. After I took Jayden home to his mom, I didn’t l

Happy Birthday, Baby Jayden!

I was busy all day today celebrating my baby Jayden’s birthday. He will turn four years old tomorrow. Happy birthday and many more, my love! 🎁❤️ My niece on my husband’s side came to the birthday because she saw me preparing Ceviche the night before. She loved that I made it last time and wanted more! I’m happy that I have mastered the art of making it after several trials and errors. 😊 Toward the end of the party, I sold two books for $30. My nieces gave me an extra of $10. I could have given them the books for free, but it makes me feel good for making some money out of my book which I had put a lot of heart and sweat into it. I still have quite a few books 📚 to sell. I believe they

Changing My Lifestyle

I was in a hurry running out of the door this morning, so I grabbed what I could for work today - honey nut cereal and a banana 😋 I am still not yet accustomed to eating cereal with milk for breakfast. The other day I had some cinnamon cereals for a snack. My daughter bought it. I liked them, but they are loaded with sugars, so I decided to buy something more healthy. Snacking is a habit I still cannot kick while I'm at work. Instead of eating chunk food, I pack a small portion of cereals which will last me a day 😊 In August I received my annual checkup report. It shows that my sugar level is very close to prediabetes. Having family members who are diabetics, it could be genetic. Chang

My Dear Mom

My Dear Mom I woke up this morning with the urge to write about my mom. Thanks for having a regular day off from work, I had the liberty to spend a couple hours writing about her in Vietnamese - the language which is closest to my heart. It’s a short story of 1400 words. During the course of writing, I could not help holding my tears back. 😢 I wish I could translate the story into English without a lost in translation! My mom is someone whom I love and care very much. Although I didn’t get a chance to live by her when I was growing up, my love for her has never changed. She told me before I came home for the first time in 12 years, she was too anxious to see me. She even tore off some e

Happy 100 Days of ”What I Am Gratedul For” blogging

Day 100: Tuesday, October 9, 2018 Happy 100th days of ”What I am Grateful For” 🎉🙏❤️ I’m happy and grateful for being able to write consistently in the last 100 days. There are happy and sad days. There are waves of laughter and tears. There are failures and triumphant. All of them are made up of a human life. Being an honest person, I share my true feelings without any concealer. I am not afraid to show my tears when I’m sad, nor show my teeth when I’m happy. I’m not afraid to speak my mind when needed. What I have learned to do is to refrain myself from speaking or writing about my complaints because they don’t do any good, instead, they would manifest if I feed into them. I’ve lear

Sharing is Caring

Vivian, my daughter, found out that I had no work today, so she left Jayden to me because he was still sleeping. Seeing him slept soundly, I decided to take more exam this morning. When he woke up, he didn’t knock on my bedroom’s door as usual, instead, he walked past my room and said loudly, ”Is anyone downstair?” I ran out to hold him and gave him lots of kisses and hugs. I asked him to wait for me for a few minutes to complete my exam. So happy I passed another exam with 80%. As usual, I always celebrate any little success, so I took him to a Vietnamese restaurant where he loves Phở Bò (beef rice noodle soup). He ate a whole bunch of bean sprouts with his soup. When we were walking back

Stand Tall No Matter What

Day 97: Saturday, October 6, 2018 Have you ever felt defeated in your life? No matter how hard you work, it is still not enough! What do you do when you feel down? As for me, I take deep breaths, work harder and pray for better days. I try not to let anything bring me down. I visualize one day all my hard works will pay off. I’m going to cut back on extra activities, so I can focus on the one important thing right now which is making extra money. I will reprogram myself to like numbers such as real estates, accounting, and investment. I want to balance myself on business and literature. I want to become a well-rounded person. I want to reach financial freedom. There are so much I wan

I Love What I Do

Day 95: Thursday, October 4, 2018 Late last night I received an email reminding me that I have a prepared speech to present at my Toastmaster club on Monday night. Having delivered a 20-minute speech recently, I felt it would be a piece of cake to do a 5-7-minute speech. Waking up too early this morning, I thought of a topic. I want to do “how to” speeches from now on. I have always interested in staying young, healthy and happy. Perhaps, I can share with them what I have learned thus far. 😊 I’m happy. I’m thankful for doing what I love and loving what I do. Thank You!

My Baby

Day 94: Wednesday, October 3, 2018 Thank you for a beautiful day ahead! Woke up to the sound of my baby Jayden outside of my bedroom, “I love you, nana.” He’s my sweetheart. ❤️ I pick him up from school every Tuesday and care for him till he falls asleep. Last night he had a hanging toenail. He cried for help. I took out a nail clipper and placed his foot next to the nightlight. With my reading glasses on, I could see clearly. Within seconds I took care of it. He was so happy and called me “doctor.” My baby, I love him to pieces! He corrects me sometimes that he’s not a “baby” anymore. Lol 😂. I dreaded when my son, Charlie was becoming a teenager because I knew he would lose his inn

Too Blessed To Be Stressed

Day 93: Tuesday, October 2, 2018 Last night I stayed up late to edit my story. I didn’t plan to stay up that late, but I got caught into it. I enjoy reading and writing very much. Now may I add enjoying making extra money? Being an idealist I had never cared for it much, but I have to learn to balance it in life. If I continue telling myself that I like numbers, I will eventually like them, right? Yesterday, I went over two real estate books. I plan to do the same today. My younger sister asked me last night when I would be coming home. I told her I have not decided whether on the Lunar New Year in the next February or in the summer. I talked to my husband about it of how I wish to be

Study Time 🤓

Day 92: Monday, October 1, 2018 It was meant for me to stay home from church yesterday. When I logged into the real estate website, it says that my license will be expired on October 4th, so I signed up for the online training, but I have to wait till October 4th to take the exams which consist of six subjects: Fair Hearing, Risk Management, Agency, Consumer Protection, Trust Funds, and Ethics. I have to pass all with 70% or above to get my license. I don’t remember how I did it last time, but this does not seem that easy. It’s time to stay focus! 🤓 It’s the first day of October! I can’t believe I’ve been writing for a little over three months already. I love the consistency of writin

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