Hot or Rain I’m Still Here

Hot or rain it does not matter. When a woman needs to practice her speech, no weather could stop her! Lol It was quite sunny here in Southern California around noon yesterday. It must have been in the hundredth of Fahrenheit Degrees...I walked down from my cool and comfortable office to an almost like a hot and burning oven in the parking lot. I looked around for shaded areas, not many insight though. Some people stayed inside their cars under the shades, so I looked for other shades because I didn’t want to disturb them. There I was standing between two parked cars under a small shade with a notebook in one hand and a cellular phone on the other to practice a speech I’m about to deliver

I’m officially a Toastmaster Member

I’m happy and grateful for joining Toastmaster again last night. I was a devoted member who showed up every Sunday afternoon for two consecutive years in 2010-2012. I knew public speaking is what I love and passionate about. The reason I stopped so I can focus on writing which is also my passion. In March this year, I published my second book entitled Finding My Voice - A Journey of Hope. It took me a long time to find out what kind of writing suited me the most. Now I know It would be non-fiction based on struggles and triumphs. The purpose of my writing and speaking are to motivate and inspire others. It is also the main reason of my existence. I’ll probably stay with Toastmaster for a v

RIP Dad - written on 06/10/2016

Today I received this post, two years memory from Facebook. I cried. It’s been two years since my father has passed away. It seems like yesterday he was still with us: Mom asked me earlier tonight if I could move back home. She did ask me many years in the past because she saw how struggling I have been as a single mom with two children. But now she wanted me to live here more than ever because she will be lonely without my father. I wish I could! Like many of us here, my mom is still in shock and denial that dad has just left us. Currently, his body is still home for the past couple days with countless number of family, friends and neighbors coming to pay their last respect. Live music, c

Visiting Toastmaster International Club

After work yesterday, my coworker, Kit and I attended a Toastmaster International Club located just a few miles from our company. I’m happy and thankful for her companionship! It was a two-hour meeting, but the time seemed to pass quickly regardless how tired I felt due to lack of sleep. I love the structure of this club which seems very organized. Everyone was friendly and professional. One of the members named Wendell reminded me of my former Toastmaster member named Ed who are both in their mid-80s, but they seemed very well sharp and articulated. Wendell delivered a long and eloquent speech of 11 minutes which he won as the best presenter for the night. When it comes to table topic, th

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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