A Prayer for the Refugees

I heard for the first time that today is the World Refugee Day, June 20th. August 2018 will mark 32 years of me living in America who came here as a refugee after southern Vietnam fell into the Communist regime in the April of 1975. Millions of Vietnamese left the country through many drastic means. Some made it safely in freedom countries while others died trying. 😢 A life of a refugee is a very difficult life. As a stateless person at one point, I was very much lost among the stormy weather. I didn’t know what my fate would be like. Lost and confusion was my constant state of mind. It took me over a decade to adapt to the new culture in America. It was a big challenge for me to learn a

Father’s Day 2018

I just took a couple-hour nap after coming home from a three-day weekend trip to the Thousand Trails in Acton, California. While in the camp, I didn’t have internet service which forced me to do a lot of thinking. It was difficult to not having able to reach the outside world online. However, at the same time, it allowed me to do some soul-searching. It was the first time I suggested my husband organize this trip with his entire children, grandchildren, and mine except for my son, Charlie. He was busy with school work during the fast-paced summer school. We drove separately and met up at the site on Friday afternoon. The children and grandchildren seemed to enjoy the swimming pool very muc

A Miracle is Needed for Vietnamese People

A Miracle is Needed I cried this morning while reading the Cybersecurity Law in Vietnam has just passed on June 12th, which will take effect on January 1st, 2019. This means all Vietnamese net users will be monitored every move they make. They could be banned forever from having internet or get arrested if they write or say something that is not allowed by their government. China has forbidden its 900 million citizens from accessing Google, YouTube, and Facebook. Most likely, Vietnam will follow China’s footstep. Vietnamese citizens will never be able to see the truth because everything will be censored. I truly feel bad for my 90 million Vietnamese people who will be trapped in a big pr

$10 for My Autograph

Sold a book for $15, and received $10 extra for? It's my second time getting extra money for the book! I am very thankful 😊 -How much is it? -$15. -That’s all? -Yes, but I never say no to more money 😀. -I know you worked hard for it. Here is $ for the autograph ✍🏻🙂

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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