Sharing is Caring

My coworker and I had a training session for public speaking at work today. We went over several tips on how to become effective speakers. Ironically, as an instructor, I was nervous myself speaking in the beginning lol. I guess it has to do with not having a good night sleep last night and lack of time for preparation. My last phone call ended five minutes prior to me running the training class. 😂 Speaking or performing in front of people require a lot of skills and practices. In addition, your state of mind can help or hurt your performance. I know it’s hard work, but it’s such rewarding to share your knowledge with others whether in speaking or written words. I’m happy and thankful for

Lost In Words

Waking up to a gloomy morning My eyes refuse to open My tongue resists to speak What can I say To a parent’s of a young man Whose body is laying in front of me? Words have left me this morning Help me, God To get through this difficult officiating Show me how to comfort the broken hearts Give me back the words to pray for the young-lost soul Waking up this morning was the hardest thing to do My heart aches just as much As any parents burying their offsprings Show me, God How to pray for the death Tell me how to comfort the living 🙏 Dedicated to our Pastor Pancho Crystal H. Vo 03/26/2018

Don’t Cry for Me

Tonight, my body is laid to rest Six feet under the ground Dust returns to dust Don’t turn your smile into a frown Don’t cry for me With a river of tears Celebrate me instead With many happy years I lived a life Full of happy memories With my dear friends and family What a blessing for me! I lived to love With all my heart I am sorry We had to part Live your life To the fullest potential Live and love Like once I did I’ll be up in Heaven Waiting for you When the time comes I’ll welcome you home. Crystal H. Vo 03/26/2018

I Pray

My life is not a fairytale It comes with many unhappy tales The cries of my children Break my heart into a million The unsatisfactory of life Send me many restless nights I have done my best But my best isn't good enough So I drop down on my knees and pray For my heart soon find a sunray I pray to see what Jesus sees With compassion in his eyes I pray for my offsprings To grow wings and fly up in the sky I pray for God to always Love and protect my family I pray for having more wisdom To forgive those who have done me wrong As God has forgiven all my sins. I pray with all my heart To see a sunlight after a long restless night ❤️ Crystal H. Vo Palm Sunday in church 03/25/2018

My Prayers 🙏

I have learned not to stress over things I have no control of, instead pray about them. I believe in the power of prayer because my prayers are always being answered. I’m no perfect person. Who is? I pray to be a better person today than I was yesterday. I pray for my children soon take better care of themselves and become independent. I pray for God to always watch over my family and keep them safe. I pray making a good living as a writer/ motivational speaker, so I can retire from my day job in the next few years. In the name of Jesus, I pray. Amen.

Thank You for Being My Loyal Reader

Just reached out to one of my former coworkers about my book. She ordered three copies from me without knowing what the book is about. I offered to take them to her office next week on my day off, but she said she will not be available because she will be out, attending her mother’s funeral. 😢 I was shocked and saddened by the sad news. Then I asked her to send me the address so I can pay a final respect to her mother. I don’t mind over an hour drive because of her loyal and faith in me. She loved my first book and asked to buy my upcoming book before I even wrote it. I am thankful for her support. Rest in peace to her mother 🙏

Titanic, My Heart Sinks for You

I’m listening to one of my favorite songs. This movie made me shed many tears while watching it in a theater alone. I even got mad at some moviegoers for giggling at the scenes where many people were falling off the ship. I shouldn’t blame them for being insensitive to the human sufferings. The reason I was very emotional because I was a boat person. Twenty years have passed since I watched and loved the movie. Never in my life had I thought of recreating the scenes where people are dying in the sea for my next book. Life is interesting. You just never know where it takes you one day.

My Post Went Viral

I was surprised to have found so many comments and likes as I woke up this morning on Writer Group on Facebook. I cannot adequately express my gratitude to you all. It means so much to me to have the support and encouragement from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'm currently working on a third book, a novel based on actual events. I hope this new book will give me a ticket to early retirement from my day job so that I can provide 100% of my time writing and public speaking around the world 🙂

I am Officially a Writer

Today I am officially a writer. As a county employee, I am mandated to report to my human resource that I have a second job. My title is Writer. ✍🏾🙂 I am my boss. I can go to work late, leave early. I can travel the world without asking for time off. Aw, my dream job is here. I love ít! 😊 I began writing when my son was only two weeks old. It was the lowest point in my life. Without finding “My Voice,” I would probably not made it here today... He is now 18 years old, the first year in college. It took me almost two decades to reach my dream job. It’s a slow and painful process, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

A Prayer for Refugees Around the World

I always shed a few drops of tears after reading each story on this book. They are very heart- wrenching stories. I know it’s not going to be an easy task to recreate these stories into a novel, but I feel obligated to share with the world of what we went through. Too many refugees are currently going through the similar path we once did over four decades ago. I pray for them will soon find a safe place to call home and live a life with dignity. 🙏❤️ Q

A Baby Girl Was Born 48 Years Ago

I'm taking half a day off to enjoy my special day with my family this morning. On this day 48 years ago, my parents welcomed a baby girl who cried aloud as she entered the world. Her cry didn't stop there as she witnessed and experienced many heartaches for many years in her life and others. Tears have set her free! They’ve made her strong and a real person as she is today for who can feel the suffering of others. It pains her each time to witness such tragedies in the world. For the remainder of her lifetime, she will work tirelessly to wipe off tears on the hungry and depressed faces. She hopes to bring nothing but happiness to as many people as possible ❤️

I am Thankful for the First Book Review

I’m Thankful as Always I’ve learned long ago to be thankful for everything I have no matter how big or small the blessings. Over the weekend, I checked the Amazon review on my recent book, and I got a first five stars with a beautiful review: ”In broad strokes paints the story of all who struggle during violent times in violent places and with the accompanied with the internal stress and trauma this causes. It’s not a story of defeat but of triumph of the Human spirit and soul in the most trouble of time and place. The names, places, and details can be from a different place or time yet remain freshly new as you place yourself in the story and poems on this small but powerful book. Thank

The Eyes

Earlier today I stopped at a shopping center to buy some readymade food. When I turned in to park my car, I saw an older woman sitting on a sidewalk, right outside of a restaurant, beneath an awning. I noticed that her clothes were wet due to raining. What stood out from her were her two big and sad eyes. They looked straight at me as I parked my car. They seemed to follow me as I left my car to walk into a restaurant. The same big, melancholy eyes 👀 looked at me when I walked toward my car. I stopped and placed a few dollar bills in her hands. She looked at me and said, “Thanks.” I didn’t catch any glimpse of a smile on her, but the same sad eyes were staring into space. As I got inside

A Corner of My Desk

A Corner of My Desk My desk is like a temple to me. I’ve always kept it neat and clean at work. I spend ten waking hours each day work, so I like to feel at home when I go to work. I love my boss who is like a mother to me. She is sweet, kind and genuinely helpful. I’ll miss her dearly when she retires in a year. Last year I decided to give myself 100% focus on writing. I will not be taking any more promotional exams, which means I will be sitting here till I retire in 2025. I’ll be witnessing my coworkers and boss come and go. It’s life. I’ve learned to not feel attached to people, so I don’t feel too hurt when they no longer show up to work here anymore. As for now, I enjoy my boss


My friend at a real estate firm picked up a book from me yesterday. He said he just sold a house worth more than half of a million dollars. Also, he helped his young adult daughter bought and owned two apartments. After the conversation, I wanted to kick myself in the behind for not having the passion for pursuing the real estates' career. I could have been very wealthy by now. But then I accept where I am today. Although I have not acquired the wealth, I am still content with what I have. Today I received a message from a good friend that he will give me an interview on my book on a television show he works. I’m happy, excited and very thankful for the opportunities! Q

Thank You for The Positive Feedback

How do I begin to express my gratitude today? I’m overwhelmed with emotion. First and foremost, I want to thank my coworker/friend/desk neighbor for her positive feedback after reading my book, Finding My Voice. Marysol and I are co-workers separated by a partition. Every time I want to talk to her; I have to stand up and call her name. So after lunch today, I asked her how she liked my book so far. She got up and said, “I want to give you a hug.” I responded, “Ok.” We both walked around to meet each other in the middle. She hugged me tightly and repeated several times, “I love it.” I could see tears still in her eyes. That was when I felt my writing had touched the very core of her being.

Mending My Reading Glasses

I taped my reading glasses, a temporary fix before I get a new one. Having a flat bridged nose, it didn’t hold my glasses with one side broken while I was reading today. I was very proud of my vision before. Never would I thought of wearing reading glasses, until one day about three years ago, my Dennis asked me to try on his reading glasses (he probably saw me squint my eyes as I tried to read something). To my surprise, I could see much more relaxed. I've been wearing them ever since. Like everything else, my eyes and my health have a number. They slowly deteriorate. There is no surprise. Understanding and accepting this aging process help me deal with life- the ups and downs. I treasu

Thinking of my next book

I give away some books after finished reading, but not this one. It’s one of the books I will treasure for as long as possible. I got this book in 2003. Back then I also sent in my Vietnamese escape story along with hundreds of others, but only 46 stories were chosen to publish. They are true stories of Vietnamese boat people who escaped VN after the Communist took over the south in 1975. In my next novel, I will use their stories as my tragic historical events background and create an inspiring love story out of it. I will give myself three months of reading and planning. By June I will begin writing one thousand words a day for two consecutive months. That's my plan, and I will stick

Chicken Soup for the Soul

I got teary-eyed as I completed the first of 101 stories in this book this morning. As I paid my coworker for half price of this book after she gave it to me, she asked me if I wanted to read it first before I spent. My answer was no need because I knew I would love reading and be inspired by it. I've always been gravitating towards inspiring stories like these. As a result, I write what I read. I’m only interested in promoting peace, love, family. I aim to uplift and inspire my readers, and I happy and thankful for the opportunities to spread the love near and far ❤️

I'm Grateful

Many of my wishes have turned into realities, and many are waiting to happen. I am a dreamer, not only for myself but also for many others. I have worked tirelessly to make my dreams turn into reality. Each morning and night I cannot thank God enough for the blessings. What I have today, my health, my family, a roof over my head don’t just happen naturally. It has been a long process of praying and believing that the future is good and everything would be fine. Thank You!

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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