Peace is a scarce commodity in our tumultuous world today. Almost every single day you hear people being killed for no apparent reasons! Mass shootings frequently happen in schools, theaters, concerts, malls, etc. What is going on? What causes some people to murder other innocent people for no good reasons? What can every one of us do to stop this madness and create a peaceful world? We can achieve peace on Earth by starting with ourselves first. Peace is attainable by resolving conflicts. Being open-minded and learning others’ cultural differences, such as their beliefs and backgrounds would also be helpful. Living in harmony is like living in Heaven, and that can be achieved as long as we

Nothing Comes to Me Without a Struggle

Some people achieve fame and success with ease, while others struggle all their lives. I am the latter type. Nothing ever comes to me without a struggle. Take building a website for example. For many years, I tried to have one without success. I even paid someone online, but they didn't deliver it right. Then I took a semester in college without a good result. I did it myself by using Wordpress, but I didn't know how to protect it, so I got a lot of unwanted messages on my site. Finally, I just let it go. Without thinking much about having my site, comes along and gives me back the dream I once lost years ago. I still need a couple of weeks to decorate it as pleasant as I can. Owning

Hello World

Today I am truly thankful for having a website to call mine. I can't wait to share my daily blog here. Thank You for everything!

Los Angeles, CA, USA


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